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Pure Grain Bread

Czyste Ziarno Beak Beak bread is bread made from whole grains . Delicious multigrain slices are baked without the addition of flour, yeast or eggs . They contain only the healthiest and most valuable ingredients - as befits healthy bread . Czyste Ziarno bread has a low glycemic index, contains a lot of protein, Omega-3 acids and dietary fiber . Although it is packaged bread , you will not find any preservatives in it. Its long expiration date is due to appropriate preparation techniques.

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Clean Grain Breads - delicious flavors

Our offer includes several delicious varieties of Czyste Ziarno bread - savory and with a slightly sweet aftertaste :

  • - natural, no additives, just grain,

  • - with nutritious rye sprouts,

  • - with the addition of dried cranberries.

Each one tastes slightly different, so it's best if you try them all .

Big package or small package?

You can buy our whole grain bread in a large package, containing 6 slices with a total weight of 330 g , or in a smaller package, containing 3 slices weighing 165 g . The first one you can share with your loved ones, the second one will be useful on the road, while traveling, at work - wherever you don't want to carry too many things with you, but at the same time want to take care of a healthy diet. Each slice has exactly the same dimensions, weight and contains the same amount of calories . Thanks to this, you can plan your diet well.

That's not all we have on offer!

Beak Beak is much more than Clean Grain! Our offer also includes:

  • - Fine Grain bread , if you like seeds and grains in ground form,

  • - Protein bread , i.e. energy bread, which will be an ideal choice if you care about providing yourself with the right amount of protein in your daily diet.

We make no promises, but... who knows, perhaps in the future the Beak Beak family will expand with more delicious propositions .

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