Fine Grain Bread

Fine Grain Bread is another delicious proposition from Beak Beak: bread made from ground grains without unnecessary additives . You won't find flour, eggs or yeast in it. Our boxed bread has a long expiration date, although it does not contain preservatives. This is all because we use old but proven baking methods to prepare it, such as pickling or brewing grains.

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Our Fine Grain bread consists of the most nutritious grains: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame, chia seeds, and depending on the type, also quinoa, millet flakes and linseed . In addition, you will only find water, salt, a bit of honey or rice syrup to balance the taste... and delicious, natural spices. Try all varieties :

  • - bread with Mediterranean herbs,
  • - slightly spicy slices with chili,
  • - bread made from ground grains with aromatic garlic.

A portion for a small or larger hunger?

Our sliced bread is available in smaller and larger packages . 3 slices with a total weight of 165 g will be useful when traveling or for snacking at work. The larger package contains 6 slices with a total weight of 330 g - perfect for sharing sandwiches with others. Each slice has exactly the same dimensions and the same nutritional value . You no longer have to wonder whether your breakfast is within the calorie limit.

Peck at the remaining breads!

Be sure to also try other types of Beak Beak bread :

  • - Czyste Ziarno bread , which consists of whole, unground grains - perfect if you like crunchy sandwiches,

  • - Protein bread with increased protein content, delicious and nutritious, recommended by athletes and people on a diet.

Each of them is available in several delicious varieties - sweet, savory and natural.

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