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Protein Bread

Protein Bread from Beak Beak is a delicious high-protein bread that we produce only from grains and natural additives . You won't find any flour, eggs or yeast in it, and there are no preservatives. However, you can count on a high protein content - from 7 to almost 9 g in one slice , which is why Beak Beak is recommended as bread for athletes. But but! You don't have to train at all to feel all the benefits of choosing this bread. This is a great way to introduce a healthy alternative to traditional bread into your diet: without ingredients that most often cause allergies, with a low glycemic index and high fiber content .

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Delicious sweet or savory protein bread

Our fit bread is available in (for now!) 3 delicious varieties. Try and choose which one is the tastiest:

  • - yeast-free bread with coconut flakes - 7 g of protein per slice,
  • - protein bread with almonds - 8.4 g of protein in each slice,
  • - high-protein bread with dried tomatoes - as much as 8.9 g of protein per slice.

The composition includes plenty of sunflower seeds , linseed, quinoa, millet flakes, pumpkin seeds and, depending on the type, almonds, coconut flakes, and dried tomatoes. In addition, we enriched them with milk proteins and added a bit of honey and salt for taste. All ingredients come from nature .

A small portion for the road or a large one to take home?

Beak Beak breads are produced in smaller packages, containing 3 slices, and larger packages, containing 6 slices . Each slice has exactly the same dimensions and the same nutritional value as the others. Even if you're on a strict diet, you don't have to weigh them because you can be sure that each one contains the same amount of calories .

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