Stereotype of healthy eating

We all know what we have always associated with healthy eating. From childhood, eating healthy means: untasty and boring, it of course also depends on our approach and the people around us, but also on the habits developed in our early years.


Sweets, fast foods, or salty snacks do not belong to the healthier category. Many people still haven't experienced that healthy eating can be truly delicious, and bread made solely from Beak Beak grains is the best example of this.


Scientific studies regarding the nutrition of different social groups, preferences, and acceptance of food products, as well as opinions and behaviors of consumers, indicate that despite the availability of many media outlets, there is still a large segment of the population that is unaware of basic principles, but also the opportunities offered by the modern world and advancements in food production technology. Another situation arises when someone knows the aforementioned principles, but despite this knowledge, they do not adhere to them. Here we touch on the element of acceptance, or even liking these products, which meet all health standards, and whose composition confirms their values. There's often a particular focus on the feeling of fullness after a meal; many people do not opt for healthier eating because they claim that "you can't get full with this". This is another myth we debunk, as Beak Beak bread, due to its structure and carefully selected ingredients, is very filling, and one only needs to eat one slice to be convinced.


The variety of flavors we offer gives us the opportunity to create tasty and unique dishes that will provide us with exceptional culinary experiences, and peace for our bodies in the pursuit of the best form!


In our offer, you will find as many as 9 flavors, spread across three product groups, so everyone will find their favorite grains with us!


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