Flourless bread that changes lives!

What is healthy bread? Although sourdough rye bread is considered the healthiest wheat option, more and more people are turning their attention to grain-free alternatives. Fantastic, providing lots of energy, vitamins and minerals

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Duck breast with celery mousse

Juicy duck, creamy celery mousse, fresh herbs, glazed carrots - this recipe will surely surprise your loved ones. This is an original dinner served in a truly restaurant style.

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Sandwiches with figs and goat cheese

Sweet figs and salty cheese are a perfect duo. Even more so when combined with spicy bread with chili. The dot over the "i" in this recipe is balsamic glass. You will fall in love with these sandwiches from the first bite.

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Salad with grilled peach and cheese

A light and flavorful salad with grilled fruit, blue cheese and protein bread. Perfect as dinner or second breakfast at work.

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Vegan cauliflower steaks with pesto

Vegetable green pesto, cauliflower "steak" and refreshing pomegranate seeds. This combination of ingredients surprises every time. Be sure to try this unique appetizer.

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