What do you usually eat at work?

Sucking in your stomach, dizziness, and the day at work is just getting started... Sound familiar? Many of us do not care about eating healthy outside the home.

  • Fruits and healthy snacks?
  • Sandwiches?
  • Lunch brought from home?
  • Sweets, pastries, cookies?
  • Fast food, pizza, pasta?
  • Don't you eat at work?


Why don't most of us care about what we eat at work? The most common excuse is a lack of time. Another reason is the fear of the employer, who might think that if we savor a meal instead of quickly gulping down a sandwich, we waste time and cause delays. "We often feel that we need to be good employees, and a good employee is one who doesn't leave their work station," comments Dr. Tomasz Sobierajski, a sociologist from the University of Warsaw, who specializes in the sociology of food. "On the other hand, we are guided by public opinion and don't want to stand out. If no one at work eats a second breakfast, I won't either. This is especially evident among women. Yet all it takes is adopting a simple habit. So what should we eat?


What you like, what you want, but do it consciously. Just change your thinking, and your eating habits will follow. Direct yourself not just to "eat something," but to eat something that will give you energy and, in the long run, contribute to maintaining health, a good figure, and high spirits! On a cloudy, rainy, or snowy day, before leaving home, make sure to eat a warm meal (soup cooked the day before or a toast with whole grain bread). In winter, avoid yogurts or cold juices. If you don't feel like eating, you can drink a vegetable juice, e.g., tomato, but at room temperature. Drink plenty of water during the day - mineral water in the summer, warm boiled water in the winter. It's healthiest to eat 5-6 light meals (every three hours) - so if you go to work for eight or more hours, definitely bring two portions of food that you will eat before you return home. "In the sociology of food, three elements are closely related: production, distribution, and consumption. We produce what people want to eat or what people are told they want to eat," says Tomasz Sobierajski.


That's why we should eat what we like, preferably in the company of people we like. And have several meals throughout the day, not all at once. We spend at least 1/3 of our lives at work, so it would be unwise not to pay attention to what we eat then and what valuable things we provide to our body and also our mind.


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